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Good Breathing breathe through your nose with your lips closed, so that the air can be filtered, warmed and moisturized. Abdominal diaphragmatic breathing helps in good voice projection. Singing with a sore throat – avoid talking and singing when you have a cold.
Relaxation - Use a good rate of speech and open mouth while speaking. Hold your head straight when you talk. Do not strain the muscles of the face, neck and shoulders while talking and singing. Speaking at extremes - Talking extremely loud, whispering and talking in an excessively high or low pitch.
Vocal warm-ups - take a few minutes to build form a normal tone to be more forceful. This attracts blood to the larynx for more power.; Do not cough, clear your throat or sneeze with forceful voicing.
Use amplification when necessary Do not smoke or use tobacco products.
Water – Drink ten glasses of water daily. By drinking fluids you enhance mucous production of the throat and lessen vocal stress Avoid alcohol and excessive caffeine.
Humidity – ideal relative humidity is 40%–50 %. Avoid breathing through your mouth in cold weather. Do not indulge in imitation, making strange voices etc.
Avoid talking in noisy environments Don’t yell, shout, and cheer habitually.

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