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A Hearing impairment or communication difficulty if detected at an early stage and with proper rehabilitation provided can prevent the child from its affects on his/her Social, Personal & Academic performance.

Audio Visual Aids takes a step towards early identification and early intervention program for these special children.

Types of Paediatric Hearing Evaluation:

Assessment of your Child's Hearing

Assessment Questions
Sr. No. Questions Response
1. Does your child fail to respond to loud sounds? (Yes/No)
2. Does your child fail to respond to soft sounds? (Yes/No)
3. Does your child turn his head to localize (locate the direction) the sound only when it is presented on one particular side of the ear i.e. either left or right? (Yes/No)
4. Did your child stop babbling after 6 to 8 months of age? (Yes/No)
5. Does your child show poor or no interest in playing with noise making toys like rattle, bell etc.? (Yes/No)
6. Has your 1½ year old child failed to start using meaningful words like mummy, daddy, bye–bye etc.? (Yes/No)
7. Do you feel that your child does not understand simple commands like wave bye–bye until & unless your speech is accompanied by gestures? (Yes/No)
8. Does he/she insist on watching your face while you speak? (Yes/No)
9. Is your child unable to respond to your call from a distance? of 5 ft to 10 ft? (Yes/No)
If the answer is "YES" to any of these questions, your child needs professional help.

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