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a. Based on Technology

i. Digital Hearing Aids
Digital hearing aids are those that use a digital circuit/ computer chip to analyze and process sound. They automatically adapt to multiple listening and sound environments. There are multiple channels for precise personal amplification and directional microphones for management of background noise. They are the latest technology hearing aids which gives you natural and effortless hearing.

ii. Semi digital hearing aids
These semi digital hearing aids are programmed by a trimmer for adjustment to match your hearing loss. They have some flexibility for adjustment based on performances and listening environments.

iii. Analog hearing aids
These analog hearing aids increase the volume of all incoming sound with some minor adjustments possible.

b. Based on desired style and size

i. Open fit/ RIC
This instrument is to be used with special thin tube& special open dome. Designed for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

ii. BTE
This instrument is worn behind the ear connected to a plastic mould that fits in outer ear. BTE instrument can assist more types of hearing loss than any other instruments.

iii. ITE
An ITE instrument is completely contained in a custom made shell that fits into the outer ear. They are best suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.

iv. ITC
ITC are somewhat smaller than ITE. They are discreet, yet still visible within the outer ear. Best suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.

v. CIC
The tiny CIC instrument fits so deep in many ear canals that it is practically invisible. These instruments are best suitable for mild & severe hearing loss.

The finest hearing technologies available today, and the expertise to help you select the best solution to your specific hearing needs — That's the Audio Visual Aids difference.

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